Guy Makes a “Coil Neoball Pulser” and its Awesome

Have you ever seen this?

Clever home experimenter makes an unusual energy device and it makes THE weirdest sound.  Many YouTubers and home experimenters have made Tesla coils and different variations in the pursuit of efficient energy.  Some of them are different such as a “spooky configuration” and many of them use copper coils and neodymium magnets.


In this case Jack Scholze generously films this and walks us through this device.

It looks absolutely gnarly.

Let’s watch what happens when he starts it up in the video on page 2

This is a bit of background that this home experimenter shares about making this device:

I was immediately attracted to the elegance of the geometrical ideas that are in harmony with the vortex math concepts. I’ve included driver circuit schematic. It uses a Hall sensor and 2 transistors. You may substitute a more common 2N3055 power transistor in place of the IRF350 mosfet, but the mosfet switches on/off much faster, uses less power and has a high voltage rating. I’ve burned out plenty of 2N3055s, but rarely ever burned out this rugged mosfet. One thing I forgot on the schematic is the power indicator LED, which is just a common LED in series with a 1K resistor from +12V rail to ground. Hope you enjoy my video.

We hope you like the video and check back for more cool experiments and devices in the efficient energy arena.


  1. Tim Conlon said:

    Acceleration,deceleration…exponential power output for space travel. Rail systems,maybe proelled levitation devices…but I’m sure the most brilliant of us they’ve recruited will end up devising killing machines of some perverted sort.
    Ingenious none the less : )

  2. Andrew Wilson said:

    It’s called a dc brushless motor, he just splayed out the coils instead of a normal motor design. Another case of non-engineers thinking they found something new. Stupid.