Guy Makes a “Rodin Coil” at Home That Lights Up!

is this an efficient energy system?

Home experimenter Daniel Nunez makes a unique coil in the quest for an efficient energy system.  A lot of these types of videos have made their way around YouTube.  Some are called Tesla coils, others are called neoball pulsars and the like.  They are all slightly different.  And of course on a topic like this the comments are all over the place.  Is this guy onto something or is it nothing new?

Here is one of the commenters asking about how he made this thing:

Hey Friend, can you tell us how you got your coil frames ? And how to get Green wire and Red wire ? We would like to try that coil making it too. Thanks for your generosity. Links would be awesome. Nice work. Is that wire teflon coated for higher watts ? Elaboration would be fit. Thanks

Here is also a commenter who is more skeptical of the whole process:

anyone trying to tell you a roden coil makes free energy is ether trolling or ignorant. I’m no expert but the roden coil seems to have unique properties that a normal coil dose not. it also seems to emit a stronger magnetic field, witch is key in wireless power.

And here is another commenter that is inquisitive about it:

Do you have any other videos that explain exactly what you’re doing…what the circuit does, what did you put in the middle of the coil, why your coil looks so different than any other Rodin coil I’ve seen, why and what frequencies are you pumping into the coil,,etc,etc. I’m re-educating myself on this whole Rodin thing and am trying to separate the real from the bs. Thanks.

What do you think about this?  Feel free to comment with your ideas.

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