Guy Makes a “Wimshurst Generator” With 25,000 Volts

now THAT is cool…

Ambitious home experimenter makes yet another amazing efficient energy device.  There have been a lot of home experiments on YouTube with variations of what are called Tesla coils and Rodin coils.  Some of them have neodymium magnets and they often vary slightly or a lot in their configuration.  Inventor Jack Scholze shows one of his devices and describes it as such:

Refurbished a beatup Wimshurst Generator, as another way to make some high voltages, other than using a Tesla coil. No electronics required, except for the homemade capacitors which are aluminum foil inside and outside some plastic pvc pipes. This one has a pair of 9 inch diameter counter-rotating clear plastic disks. The sparks are about 1/2 inch long, or 25,000 volts DC, ( spec is supposed to be 33,000 volts/ centimeter in air ) though there seems to be an AC component to the discharges also. There are 20 aluminum foil sectors on each disk. I playing around with trying to step down the voltage like Mr. Teslonian showed in one of his Wimshurst videos, he made a huge one about 4 feet in diameter. The only thing which touches the disks are the equalizer arm brushes, mine are just a single piece of #24 wire. I’m switching those to copper foil for even lower rotational resistance.

Let’s watch this thing in action in the video on page 2

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