He Dunks a Laser in Liquid Nitrogen and This Happened…

the laser dude is at it again and does something…crazy

What happens when “styropyro” takes one of his laser diodes and dunks it in a freezing liquid?

Note do not try this without the supervision of a professional.

You may or may not have seen some of the videos from this YouTuber.  He is a laser expert and shows some cool videos.

The experimenter dunks a laser in liquid nitrogen.  It is simple enough and looks extremely cool in the video.  Here is some info on the experimenter:

Good science is my passion, and I always have the drive to learn more science (and then apply it to crazy home projects 😀 ). When I started college, I never intended to triple major, but chemistry, physics, and math turned out to all be so interesting I couldn’t just settle for one! I plan on pursuing a PhD in either physics or chemistry, and in fact grad school application time is around the corner. Well that’s about it for me, but thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more crazy videos!

Has he gone too far this time?  Or is this on the same craziness level as his “light saber” videos?

Let’s see what happens when this laser dunks in the video on page 2

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