He Made A Gyroscope In His Shop That Does THIS

Who knew a gyroscope can do THIS?

This inventor and machinist makes a precision gyroscope in his maker space.  Many home enthusiasts and science fans know a gyroscope exhibits magical properties in that it seems to float when it spins.  You can see these effects all over the world.  Here is his intro to this awesome demo video:

I show you how to finish off the remaining parts, and then put it all together for a run. One of the interesting aspects about this gyroscope design, is the way it uses a simple cone bearing to support the rotation of the flywheel. This may come as a surprise to many, given that we live in a world dominated by the standard roller bearing.

Many home experimenters have uploaded cool stuff to youtube, many of which involve Tesla style inventions and efficient motors.

Do you think 3D printing will continue to bring down prices for these types of experiments?

Watch this gyroscope show off the amazing properties of physics in the video on page 2

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