Home Inventor Does a Quad 4 Tesla Coil Configuration Experiment

this is AMAZING…

Home experimenter Daniel Nunez does a really cool home experiment with a quad Tesla coil configuration.  Most experiments in this area are with one coil so observing the effects of this array is interesting.  Here is his brief excerpt:

Here is a demonstration of 4 POE Vortex Coil Minis wired in dual phase to drive a magnetic rotor.

For those who don’t know, many have experimented on the quest for an efficient or free energy device based on the works of Tesla, magnetism and coil configurations.  Even some with neodymium magnets have been configured which is cool too.  A lot of these types of experiments are actually uploaded to YouTube which is very cool.

Have you ever seen a device like this before?

Let’s see what effects using 4 coils has on the power generation in the video

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