In 1969 NASA Reported a “Strange Noise” That Remains a Mystery

These are some of the thoughts of the three astronauts who heard it:

The trio felt the sounds were so strange that they debated whether or not to tell the chiefs at NASA, for fear they wouldn’t be taken seriously and could be dropped from future space missions, according to the Discovery show.

Could it have been charged particles which is the most common theory?  Or is it likely something else.

The comments on the video thread are very spirited which is to be expected on a topic like this.

Feel free to comment with your ideas on this.

And here is a picture of the “arecibo message” which has been so debated


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  1. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    The sound is quite similar to the a full alert enemy intrusion warning sound during world war II in Germany. Take note of the moment when the Apollo module was separated – a white UFO was observed speeding in the opposite direction under the module. A couple of minutes later – In the same photo shot – another white UFO was seen to be moving in the same direction and speed of the module – shadowing the module. Woooing and whistling sound traveled far in the thin atmosphere of the moon.