Could Any of These Interstellar Space Travel Systems Actually Work?

some say yes is is just WHEN?

Will we ever accomplish this?  Well, possibly focusing on the closest star to us may be a way to start.  Here is an intro into this video which ponders a few different ways we might achieve interstellar travel:

Alpha Centauri is a three-star solar system 4.37 light years from Earth, the nearest neighbors of our Sun. A planet has recently been detected in the system, which raises the questions of when and how we will make our first efforts to reach this planet, or some other (relatively) nearby planet, to expand the horizons of the human race. Interstellar Flight takes us through current theories of just how we are hypothesizing doing so.

Some are saying the rad em drive from nasa could do it.  Others are saying some of their other prototypes could work.  And even another group of people reference sci fi novels and who knows who is right?

And of course there are a lot of skeptics and this video has some very cool graphics

Let’s find out what types of propulsion systems might work in the video on page 2

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