Is The “Speed Of Dark” Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

Here is more from wikipedia on spacetime:

The term spacetime has taken on a generalized meaning beyond treating spacetime events with the normal 3+1 dimensions. It is really the combination of space and time. Other proposed spacetime theories include additional dimensions—normally spatial but there exist some speculative theories that include additional temporal dimensions and even some that include dimensions that are neither temporal nor spatial (e.g., superspace). How many dimensions are needed to describe the universe is still an open question. Speculative theories such as string theory predict 10 or 26 dimensions (with M-theory predicting 11 dimensions: 10 spatial and 1 temporal), but the existence of more than four dimensions would only appear to make a difference at the subatomic level.[1]

Here is a clever commenter that chips in on this phenomenon:

It is nothing, and yet you can’t have nothing without something, they go hand in hand. Just like you can’t have objects without space between them or there’d be no thing, to differentiate something from nothing… So really, even nothing is something because something implies nothing. Nothingness is like the web of space that connects all things.

We hope you like the video and that your curiosity is piqued.

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  1. Jason Hallman said:

    Maybe it’s both, and the better understanding of frequencies (tuning) and applications if math, sacred numerology, sacred geometry, and new discoveries in physics, hopefully things well deem us worthy to view, that which the nothing is made of.

  2. Jason Hallman said:

    And truth being relative as a matter of perception, every 720° view, no matter how rational must be taken into consideration, until all resources have been tested and exhausted, then we may perceive the WHOLE truth.

  3. Keith Millar said:

    Diarrhoea is faster than anything on Earth, it’s quicker than thinking, it’s quicker than blinking and it’s quicker than electricity.

    Because before you even have time to think blink or switch on the light you$#%&!@*yourself!

  4. Tony Portello said:

    Darkness, which in space would be called space, does not have a property. It has no discernable substance, and cannot reflect. Light contain s all colors, and has particulate properties, therefore has the essence to travel.

  5. John Blanton said:

    (Particle)in that it can be quantized to basic packets of energy, and those packets can be observed by how they interact with electrons… (Wave) in that it demonstrates interference patterns in the double slit experiment and the different wave lengths in white light are why the individual colors separate when diffracted. I’d say physicists know light is both, and are starting to conceive the notion that maybe all matter is both Particle and wave.