Is the Strange Phenomenon of ESP True or False?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Some say it is bogus and others say it might be TRUE…

A feeling the doorbell was going to ring or that a phone call was going to take place and then a ring.

Some or actually a lot of people think this is a phenomena and not just for the “out there” thinkers.

Or did you know what another person was going to say before they spoke and not know why?  We have all wondered if ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is real or fake.  Believe it or not there have actually been scientific studies trying to prove or disprove this phenomenon so rest assured, you are not the only one wondering this.

Here is an in depth showcase of two different actual ESP studies.

Let’s find out more if ESP is true or not in these examples on page 2

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  1. Shawn Rawlings said:

    I’ve actually experienced a one time ordeal of telepathy first hand with my brother. Haven’t been able to replicate it, but in that moment.. I knew that it was real. Keep an open mind.

  2. JJ Riehle said:

    I believe that our minds are the next to evolve beyond what we even possibly could expect. I hope so anyway. We need it and evolution didn’t stop at opposable thumbs