Mysterious “Alien Message” Revisited 41 Years Later

no one knows what this was…

If this strange message is real it was possibly from galaxy Messier 13.  The S.E.T.I. program received a strange message many decades ago.  Although there has been much debate, no one can prove the origins.  It is very controversial with many people saying it was a hoax or a misread.  However there are a lot of folks who still think this was real:

In 1974, the Arecibo Radio Telescope received a major technological overhaul resulting in a massive boost in transmission power. To celebrate the upgrade, Doctors Frank Drake and Carl Sagan created an instellar greeting message, and translated it into a universally understandable binary code template capable of being transmitted to distant galaxies.

This is absolutely fascinating.  Do you think this is real?  The debate is still strong on this one even though the hoopla began almost a half a century ago.  With the new SETI initiative there will be more news regarding this debate.

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  1. Rodrigo Peres Triana said:


    The origin of Time and the Universe are strictly linked to the dialectic relationship of Energy and Space. The hypothesis that I propose is as follows: These two ‘basic’ elements (Energy and Space) have existed for ever, before our Universe was ‘created’. They will never disappear…

    Energy and Space can not be separated ever, imagin that every matter particle o its energetic manifestation were somehow removed of any volume of Space, it would be impossible to eliminate out of it the Casimir forces or the appearance of virtual particles, in other words Energy is intimately married to Space’s quantum fields.

    Matter particles are in reality the excitation of quantum fields and even virtual particles are also excitation of such fields, but of very briefly existence. Matter is just Space excited by Energy…

    If anything could travel at light speed, time for that thing would freeze, stop…
    My proposition is that before the emergence of our Universe, all Energy was interacting with Space at Light speed, Time was frozen, Eternity was present. Somehow, by a casual move or quantum change, Energy pockets slowed down its interactions with Space, emerging sudenly,Time and its relative variations.

    The new interaccions of Enegy with Space at different conditions and speeds, Multivers emerged with their own physical laws and different multitud of characteristics. Ours was, probably the one with those physical laws that permited the creation of suitable conditions for live, etc…