Scan Of Egypt’s Great Pyramid Reveals Mysterious “Heat Spots”?

What’s is causing this?

They used thermal imaging and detected the same thing with three different stones.  Apparently these stones had notieceably higher temperatures than other objects in the pyramids.  You can add this to the unexplained mysteries of the region.  Here is a bit more on the report and theories on these strange findings:

Officials said possible causes included the existence of empty areas inside the pyramid, internal air currents, or the use of different building materials.

“To explain such anomalies, a lot of hypotheses and possibilities could be drawn up: presence of voids behind the surface, internal air currents,” it added.

An “particularly impressive” anomaly was found at ground level on the eastern side of the Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, the statement said.

What do you think are they right or are there other possible explanations like the missing capstone rumor and architecture of the pyramid etc.?

Here is a cool picture of the Giza complex


This one shows a good closeup of The Sphynx whose nose is missing for some reason possibly weather

Let’s find out more about this mysterious place in the video on page 2

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  1. Joseph Duval said:

    Frequency changing why it has a room of mercury When poles finish melting you will understand what they are I hope you idiots did not remove mercury pools Heat changes frequency of magnetics we are about 67 hertz I think will be between 74 to 80 when we hit climax Dimensions merging

  2. Rolan Casana said:

    There are energy interaction in the middle of it each triangle angle. Try to make home made 6 feet each side of aluminum rod(1 inch thick or Hollowed) triangle connected together. Put a box(2.5 feel high) made of carton in the middle of the aluminum triangle. On the box you can put a glass of water overnight and it turns to alkaline purified water. Any blades makes it sharpens. Alkaline mineral waters heals specific illnesses. Neutralize excessive acid in human body. The Ancient Egyptians constructed in & out water inside the triangle. Any landmark like pyramids has significant reasons. It’s interconnected to above it called specific galaxy with Earth-like planet. I’m just saying..

  3. Elias M Villarreal said:

    They are power plants. But they are no longer aligned perfectly. The base is supposed to be perfectly parallel to magnetic north. You would have to move Earth or move the pyramid. Both are pretty much impossible, for now

  4. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    Grandma used to say ‘ don’t sit on a hot seat otherwise you will get bud sores’ Lol.
    Seriously – heat from interior of Earth is trapped in the core of the pyramid. Thermodynamics.

  5. Brian Sandy said:

    The pyramids all around this planet we’re designed to hone in on universal frequencies that create a pulse which keeps our Earth’s core spinning

  6. Rolan Casana said:

    Every perfect TRIANGLE creates and form energy in the middle of the TRIANGLE. It collects form of atoms to create energy. Just sharing!