Scientists Discovered a New Kind of Light…Seriously

is this even possible?  What is this?

Just when you think we know about photons these experimenters find out some crazy stuff.  Is light a wave or a particle?  Most people think both as been covered by the site and other articles before.  And now, these physicists get technical and explain what they just spotted:

Physicists from Trinity College Dublin’s School of Physics and the CRANN Institute, Trinity College, have discovered a new form of light, which will impact our understanding of the fundamental nature of light.

One of the measurable characteristics of a beam of light is known as angular momentum. Until now, it was thought that in all forms of light the angular momentum would be a multiple of Planck’s constant (the physical constant that sets the scale of quantum effects).

Angular momentum was apparently thought to be constant.  Uh I guess not eh?  Now what does this mean in terms of applications?  It may be too early to know.

Let’s find out more about this new light and check out a video on page 2

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  1. Jason Ira Ui'Raghallaigh Reibold said:

    Articles like this are one step away from clickbait. This told me absolutely nothing and what the$#%&!@*does a “brand new type of lightbulb” have to do with the subject of the article? Post an article when you have something more than just “Hey guys! Scientists did some new science today and guess what, its a nee type of light. Speaking of new lights HERES A NEW LIGHTBULB!”

  2. Sunny Hise said:

    When one knows dispersion technology & is aware of Inversion technology, tuning beams to precision distancing is fun.!