Solution for the “Grandfather Paradox”?

When thinking of traveling through time, our first goal is probably not to interfere with our own birth…but what if we did?

What happens if you end up killing your grandfather while travelling back in time? Would you still be born? If you were never born how could you travel back in time in the first place?

Time travel alone is difficult enough but when you add these kinds of questions into the mix, it gets a lot more complicated.

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  1. Rodrigo Peres Triana said:

    If anybody is capable to return by the same spacetime way he came from, everything will be different. The individual will live a different life, since the Energy-Space interactions will never repeat equally, every single interaction between these opposites is different. THE ORIGIN OF TIME AND OUR UNIVERSE

    The origin of Time and the Universe are strictly linked to the dialectic relationship of Energy and Space. The hypothesis that I propose is as follows: These two ‘basic’ elements (Energy and Space) have existed for ever, before our Universe was ‘created’. They will never disappear…

    Energy and Space can not be separated ever, imagin that every matter particle o its energetic manifestation were somehow removed of any volume of Space, it would be impossible to eliminate out of it the Casimir forces or the appearance of virtual particles, in other words Energy is intimately married to Space’s quantum fields.

    Matter particles are in reality the excitation of quantum fields and even virtual particles are also excitation of such fields, but of very briefly existence. Matter is just Space excited by Energy…

    If anything could travel at light speed, time for that thing would freeze, stop…
    My proposition is that before the emergence of our Universe, all Energy was interacting with Space at Light speed, Time was frozen, Eternity was present. Somehow, by a casual move or quantum change, Energy pockets slowed down its interactions with Space, emerging sudenly,Time and its relative variations.

    The new interaccions of Enegy with Space at different conditions and speeds, Multivers emerged with their own physical laws and different multitud of characteristics. Ours was, probably the one with those physical laws that permited the creation of suitable conditions for live, etc…

  2. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    In quantum entanglement theory one can simultaneously be in many places at the same time. If you travelled back to the past and killed your younger self – there will be many more of you – each with different properties – virtually existing somewhere else.

  3. Ed Sigward said:

    You can’t go back in time and kill your grandfather, because that is in the past and has already happened, the proof is that you are alive and reading this.