Some Think Octopai Actually Have Genes From Aliens

Is this too far out?

If nothing else octopai are unusually smart.  You might think that these slimy and unusual creatures are not t capable of complex thought.  However, they are incredibly bright and have a very unusual body.  This is why some scientists think they may have genes from other civilizations.  There is even one video circulating around YouTube of two octopai in a fight and one picks up a rock as defense…seriously.

Here is a bit more information on why they think there might be something to the alien theory:

The creatures have a hugely complicated genome sequence, and have more protein-coding genes than even humans.

Octopus DNA is highly rearranged – like cards shuffled and reshuffled in a pack – containing numerous so-called “jumping genes” that can leap around the genome.

This is an excerpt about the giant squid video you can watch below!

This is a spliced video of the key squid footage from Discovery Channel’s “Monster Squid” broadcast on January 27, 2013. Thank you Discovery Channel for broadcasting this program. This post is not for profit! I just want to share the joy for all those Ceph-heads out there.

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