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Researchers Capture a Mythical Enormous Squid on Camera

Researchers Capture a Mythical Enormous Squid on Camera

science fiction is now science reality? Apparently a “mythical” creature has been discovered by these Russian researchers.  You hay or may not have heard stories about a giant squid.  Many cultures and plenty of American novels and sailors have spread stories about such a thing.  Now one has been caught on video and it is

Top 10 Lost Worlds On Planet Earth

these places are on our planet… We look for exoplanets and far away mysteries but these TRIPPY places are right here.  Most people do not discuss these mysterious worlds very often and tey do not get a lot of press. However, there are some incredibly natural formations here on our own planet and you might

What is ACTUALLY Underneath There?

ever wondered what is beneath the enormous ice sheets in Antarctica? In this incredible video they go into depth on the composition and mystery.  So what do you think is under there?  Massive more amounts of ice?  Or perhaps is it related to the Alien vs. Predator movie and one of them is waiting to

Do You Know The Mystery Of These Atmospheric “Red Sprites”?

what or where are these coming from?? It wasn’t until 1989 that scientists first photographed them Is this relates to the northern lights phenomenon or something else?  These were first suggested as a theoretical phenomenon by a Scottish physicist. .  In this video they are observed in Chile which has one of the best environments

They Caught “Thunder” on Camera and Some Lightning and…

you WON’T believe these… Science progresses so fast that they saw something previously impossible. They actually caught the “look” of thunder in this particular camera snapshot.  Check out the colors and patterns around the bright part.  That is the extremely loud bang radiating from a lightning strike.  You would probably think we had done this before on

In 1,000 Years Earth May…

what do you think? It is difficult to go one single day without hearing discussions of the earth and it’s climate.  Some people are convinced any changes in temperature are a result of global warming, some disagree that there is any difference and a third camp feels any changes are from external factors.  This video

Top 7 Most Mysterious Forests in the World

who even knew about these? Some of these are so trippy it is like they are from another planet.  This ambitious narrator lists out 7 of the most bizarre forests that actually are on planet Earth.  Here is a brief intro and some of their names: From screaming woods to the Black Forest to places

They Took the First Ever Picture of “Thunder” Wow

whoa check this out! There are awesome pics of lightning but finally they took a picture of thunder?!  Who ever heard of such a thing?  Well these adventurous scientists took this amazing footage.  Here is an excerpt from the report: For the first time, scientists have precisely captured a map of the boisterous bang radiating

Have You Heard of the Phenomenon Called “Red Sprites”?

What are those things? Apparently in certain conditions these things happen in the atmosphere and are BIZARRE.  Do you think this is related to northern lights or possibly something else? Believe it or not these were just theorized before we could even observe them by a Scottish physics professor..  However it wasn’t until 1989 that

Is Thorium An Untapped Energy Source?

some say YES.. This element is rarely often discussed and has some unique properties that have been mostly ignored.  Thorum actually is found in large abundance on various parts of the planet and is very minimally radioactive.   The world is in a seemingly constant quest for less expensive energy, and people are looking to alternative

New Plastic Eating Bacteria May Change Recycling

nom nom nom Could this save the planet?  Some scientists think so.  At least, it could help clean up our oceans a lot.  You read that correctly, scientists are working on a bacteria that eats plastic.  Science fiction is becoming science reality although I do not remember hearing of any movies or novels about plastic

How Did This Thing Get Here…Seriously?

no one knows how THIS happened… This hole is huge and scientists are scratching their heads.  There have been rumors on the intenret and sightings of strange holes all over the planet.  Many are attributing these to fracking or other fossil fuel drilling activities.: Scientists have launched an investigation into a giant crater that suddenly

Have You Heard of This Mysterious Island Por-Bajin?

It is one of the most BIZARRE in the world.. Every now and then something completely unusual appears on the internet.  What in the heck is this island?  You likely have not heard of it or would know how to pronounce its name.  The mystery of the fort at Tere Kol lake has never been

They Took a Picture of “Thunder” for the First Time EVER

you read that correctly… There are awesome pics of lightning but finally they took a picture of thunder?!  The actual waves and properties of physics that happen around the visual light part that we associate with lightning was seen on camera.  Here is an excerpt from the report: For the first time, scientists have precisely

What’s Beneath These Enormous Ice Sheets In Antarctica?

Have any idea? What they found underneath there war absolutely unusual.  We are often looking at exoplanets and “space stuff” very far away.  However there is a whole world of mysteries right here on our planet.  One of the more fascinating ones has to do with the Antarctica ice sheets.  There have even been some