The “Alien Wow” Signal From 1977 is Close to Being Solved

are they going to solve it for sure??

Professor Antonio Paris thinks he may be onto this mystery!  You may or may not have heard of this trippy space sound.  In the 1970s SETI was commissioned to send out signals into space and also listen for them trying to find extraterrestrial evidence in the universe.  Then a mystery took place!

It all started in 1977 when Jerry Ehman, a radio astronomer using the Big Ear radio telescope in Ohio, picked up a powerful signal coming from deep space. The signal was 30 times more powerful than the average radiation coming from that area. Ehman excitedly circled the signal in the data and scribbled “Wow!” in red pen. From then on, it was known as the Wow! signal.

Despite attempts to detect the signal again, it never reappeared, and rumors that it was actually an intercepted alien transmissionbegan to surface.

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  1. Chach DalSanto said:

    This isn’t a pic of the wow signal; it’s a predetermined message broadcast from Arecibo. WOW signal gets its name from a printout of raw data that the scientist wrote in the margins.