They Captured a “Ginormous” Squid On Camera

is this science fiction or science reality?

The mysterious giant squid has been reported by sailors and in books for centuries and one was discovered by Russian scientists.  You may or may not have heard stories about this mythical creature.  There have been different drawings and tales told about this creature in a lot of novels.

UPDATE:  Some scientists are saying squid have alien dna…seriously.

Finally one got caught on video and it is absolutely amazing.  This is a bit more background on the folklore behind the discovery:

During the 300 years spanning the 16th to the 19th century – the heyday of discovering new worlds and brutally colonising them – popular belief had it that the ocean harboured enormous sea monsters. From dragon-like sea creatures to colossal squids, like the mythical Kraken.

Are you ready to see this incredible thing?  What would you do if you saw this thing while swimming?  We are just kidding but it may be a possibility 😉

Let’s see the video of this super cool animal in the video on page 2

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