They Examined the “Alien Wow Signal” From 1977 at a Different Frequency

Many people are skeptical about this reported message and think it is a comet or something.

Commenter Celeste is skeptical and stated this:

I think it was some kind of malfunction between our equipment, but it’s possible something is out that’s that we don’t know about.

Commenter “SF” had this reply:

It wasn’t. Any malfunction and human cause is ruled out by the experiment and equipment itself. It was setup to do just this. Every possible error was ruled out and every piece of information confirm that it’s genuine, even that it came from space, at least a lunar distance away. What’s left now is whether you trust data or soothing make belief. We’ll never have something as good as this again, signals are decoded in secrecy now, signals meant for us. We have actively to look for contact/alien life, on a planet filled with evidence of it. A clear sign of secrecy / cover-up. Watch the SETI mockumentary, it explain everything between the lines.

What do you think?

And here is the even more bizarre and probably something is up but since it happened in 1977 also here it is.


  1. Brian Sandy said:

    I hear 3 different signals… prob audio, video, and digital. maybe compressed, to send a lot of data in a short burst. can it be slowed down and separated?

  2. Xevious Walker said:

    Compression was invented in the 00’s that would allow a movie to take in 8 kilobytes. Unfortunately that l logarithm was lost to us. Probably won’t ever uncode it.

  3. Mark Oberholtzer said:

    Humans, why would aliens be using frequencies detectable by other species? And for that matter why would they be using primitive technology like radio anymore?

  4. Brian Verhoeven said:

    The galaxy as a whole communicates in radio waves, any alien civilization would know that. Just about every object or cloud of gas gives off radio waves.