This Guy Claims to Have Sent Binary Code Back Through Time?

is this POSSIBLE?

Is this nonsense or is there something to it? When discussing time travel we seem to be going into way into the future or the past.  But what about going a shorter distance and with code?  This gentleman claims to know how to go back in time, or at least send binary code into years past.  Here is a brief intro to this:

Dr. Ronald L. Mallett discusses the only practical way of sending a message back in time. To use binary code through time using circular patterns of light to twist space and time (Space-time). Using light to manipulate time.

What does this actually mean?  There are definitely some fancy words and “science talk” and I’m not saying it is impossible but would like to find out more.  Would he be able to check mark that he actually accomplished this or would it still be heavily rooted in theory?

Let’s find out more on this bizarre story in the video on page 2

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