This Guy Made an 84 Watt “Death Star” At Home

Darth Vader would be jealous…

A mini “death star” was made at home by this experimenter and it works.  Some spend their time teaching science and physics and others come up with tests and inventions.  In the case of LaserGadgets, he does both.  Not only does he have an archive of home experiments, he is kind enough to explain a lot of the processes involved.  Here is a bit more on him:

German inventor and laser fanatic Patrick Priebe equipped a large, disco-ball-size model of the Galactic Empire’s planet eraser with enough laser power to actually do some real damage while also intensifying Sith-fueled nightmares worldwide.

Priebe isn’t a newcomer to the destructive power of lasers. Earlier this year the YouTuber worked up a real-life Iron Man laser glove, which itself seemed kind of like a reworking of another earlier project, his James Bond laser-shooting wristwatch.

The comments on this first video are pretty humorous.  ML had this to say:

the power to cut through sheet metal is insignificant next to the power of the force

Even the video experimenter LaserGadgets replied in a laughing fashion (for all Star Wars fans)

Let’s check out these insanely cool home projects in the videos on page 2

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