Top 3 Reasons Why We Haven’t “Seen” Aliens Just Yet

are these valid and will we encounter extraterrestrial ever?

A very clever philosopher examines this paradox further with 3 fascinating and thought provoking explanations.

The main crux of it is basically the contradiction of the seemingly high likelihood of extraterrestrials given the vastness of the visible universe yet the fact that “most” of us have not visibly seen aliens.

You may have heard of the Fermi paradox which this discussion relates to.  Here is the first possibility they list as a reason:

Possibility 1) The entire concept of physical colonization is a hilariously backward concept to a more advanced species. Remember the picture of the Type II Civilization above with the sphere around their star? With all that energy, they might have created a perfect environment for themselves that satisfies their every need. They might have crazy-advanced ways of reducing their need for resources and zero interest in leaving their happy utopia to explore the cold, empty, undeveloped universe.

Let’s find out the other possible reasons we have or haven’t seen aliens on page 2

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