Uses Physics To Make A Crazy “Death Ray” In His Backyard

uh is this a good idea?

This creative DIYer has made a very clever “aqua lens” which uses water and the sun.  One of the most underutilized energy sources (although they are making progress) is solar power.  There are a lot of companies offering installations and costs in general are coming down for home power.  In this case, an ambitious DIYer decided to take things into his own hands and show off a cool experiment.    Here is how he describes this device:

This solar water lens that is almost 30 inches in diameter is grid free energy and can burn through wood quickly. It delivers a very large powerful focal point that is only useful around noon in the summertime when the sun is directly overhead. The material is crystal clear vinyl shower curtain. This lens concentrates about 500 watts of solar heat energy to a focal point of 1 inch optimal with a 3-6 inch scatter.

Note:  Do not try this at home or without the supervision of a professional

Let’s check this thing out in action in the video on page 2

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