What if you Discovered an Alien Civilization?

what would you say?

S.E.T.I. is spending $100 million dollars to startup the search for aliens.  They started up this program in the 1970s then it took a break.  Now a Russian billionaire has spent $100 million to invest in the program.  Ok so the viability of this program is debated.  Here is a brief statistical and philosophical backdrop on the search:

Let’s assume for a moment that such civilisations do exist. If they do, then might we notice them? A straightforward way for an alien civilisation to make itself known is simply to colonise the galaxy. Let’s consider how long this might take, assuming technology that is not too far away.

It would be possible now to build probes that could be sent out into space to search for other planets, land on them, and build replicas of the probe that could in turn be sent out to other planets and so on.

Ok now that is one strategy.  So the question remains is it likely to find them?

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