When They Poured Molten Copper on a Big Mac THIS Happened

any guesses on what happens?

You will be surprised and grossed out.  There have been plenty of McDonalds experiments on youtube.  Many of which show the burger and fries out for a long time and usually nothing happens.  That is the part that has people debating.  Isn’t food supposed to get moldy or decompose if left out?  Some say yes, others say that the salt and preservatives keep it from getting moldy.  And in a new experiment they did this:

In footage that looks like the culinary version of Viserys’ famously gruesome death scene in Game of Thrones, YouTuber Tito4re is seen pouring molten copper over a McDonald’s Big Mac. Experimenting on McDonald’s products to show how indestructible and indigestible they are is a thing, but in this case, you can blame science, not the burger, for these puzzling results.

It looks like this thing could be in the military.  The burger that is.  Don’t try this without the supervision of a professional.

Let’s watch them pour melted copper on a big mac in the video on page 2

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