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When They Poured Molten Copper on a Big Mac THIS Happened

When They Poured Molten Copper on a Big Mac THIS Happened

any guesses on what happens? You will be surprised and grossed out.  There have been plenty of McDonalds experiments on youtube.  Many of which show the burger and fries out for a long time and usually nothing happens.  That is the part that has people debating.  Isn’t food supposed to get moldy or decompose if

They Left This Burger And Fries Out For 31 Days

Guess what DIDN’T happen.. There are no shortage of experiments having to do with fast food. This one however is more interesting in what doesn’t happen. Just about all food if left out for a certain amount of time would expect to disintegrate and/or have a number of factors happen to it. In this video

Is The Five Second Rule Real Or Fake?

This is a big food mystery.  Apparently the internet has been buzzing for a while about the so called five second rule which is a time limit of how long food has to be on the ground before it becomes unsafe to pickup and eat.  Here is some research on the myth from a lab

Would You Use This On Your Food?

Ah dreaded chemicals!  They have made their way into so many product, including food and these scientists have come up with a potential new way to preserve food…using light! Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered that blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) have strong antibacterial effect on major foodborne pathogens which paves

Would You Eat This Food or is it Gross?

The food arena is one of fierce debate.  In addition, the advancements in 3D printing have been incredible, once starting out as a way to make figurines to actual metal industrial parts.  Now they are crossing the two: Alex Lightman is a futurist who spends a lot of his time thinking about what new food

Salt Has Been Demonized – Is it as Bad as They Say?

Oh no it’s salt?!  One of the most abundant compounds on earth, everyone has heard of the dangers of a diet with too much salt.  However more and more scientists are weighing against the previous sentiments: For years, the federal government has advised Americans that they are eating too much salt, and that this excess

This Horticulturalist Makes a Home Auqaponics Using Arduino

This gentleman is fascinating and very creative.  He grew up on a Christmas tree farm and went to college to get a degree in horticulture.  He always wanted to start his own farm but that can be costly to manage, irrigate and fertilize.  Currently he’s growing cilantro, chives, onions, parsley, basil and other herbs and

Aeroponics – A New Way of Farming is Fascinating

The team at MIT Media Lab is really working on something fascinating in regards to farming.  Aeroponics is a new way of growing food.  Caleb Harper who is the narrator on this video is the founder of CITYFarm research project.  He explains that hydroponics is a broad term for an array of things and derivations