Guy Does “Wireless Energy Transfer” Experiment at Home and Took a Video

this is AWESOME…

Wireless power transfer is basically the transfer of electric power between devices without using wires. Sometimes interconnecting wires is not possible or not safe so other wireless methods are used. More and more smartphones and devices are connecting with each other and power transfer is a growing portion of this trend. Here is the video Shez Wan walks us through a fun experiment showing how this can be done. She explains that it is transferred using wave frequency and even puts her hand in between the transfer area.

With advancements in microcontrollers such as arduino and inexpensive mini computers such as raspberry pi  the applications for wireless energy transfer are wide open.  Home inventors now have a whole new open source set of electronic components and internet videos so things are are limitless.  I translated a bit below and bullet pointed out some of her steps on getting started with a home experiment:

  • The first step is using a 9 volt power supply for the project.
  • Second step, the current is supplied to the capacitor which has the job of converting the direct current from the power supply to an alternating current
  • Get yourself a transmitter card which will hold all the components
  • Last step as she states is to not complicate things and focus on only one application

What would you make at home using wireless energy transfer.  Possibly a charging device for smartphones and electronics without having to plugin?  Or perhaps something else.  We hope you enjoy the video.