Could Aliens Have Used Black Holes To Travel Through Space?

some scientists think SO..

You don’t hear that everyday but some astronomers make an interesting case.  What is being discussed is actually the notion of harnessing the power of a black hole in space travel.  Of course all we know how to do is use fossil fuels and rocket engines although we are making progress testing other types of propulsion.  Here is who and what thinks this is a possibility:

Has an advanced alien civilization built a black-hole-powered particle accelerator to study physics at “Planck-scale” energies? And if such a cosmic collider is lurking in a corner of the universe, could we detect it here on Earth?

Brian Lacki of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey, has done calculations that suggest that if such an accelerator exists, it would produce yotta electron-volt (YeV or 1024 eV) neutrinos that could be detected here on Earth. As a result, Lacki is calling on astronomers involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) to look for these ultra-high-energy particles. This is supported by SETI expert Paul Davies of Arizona State University, who believes that the search should be expanded beyond the traditional telescope searches.

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  1. Michael Bush said:

    Visible light has been recorded escaping a black hole, and just as Hawkings theorized that they are temporary in nature, they have witnessed a black hole dissipate. So, with those findings we have to rethink our whole idea of how black holes interact with Dark Matter and Dark Energy. So, it may not be out of the realm of possibilities.