“Gravitational Waves” Announcement This Thursday Could Be DISRUPTIVE

What do you think this means?

Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves have never been “seen” and this week there is a major announcement.  Most scientists think this theory is true (not everyone) and it has been tested decades ago with pocket watches.  Here is a bit more on this exciting announcement:

Scientists are set to make a major announcement Thursday on efforts to pinpoint the existence of gravitational waves, or ripples of space and time that transport energy across the universe.

The waves themselves have never before been directly measured, though Albert Einstein said a century ago they were out there, according to his theory of general relativity.

What do you think they have to say?  A picture, a detector or something else?

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  1. Rick Whitt said:

    The Perfect Fluid of space is constantly pulling heat from matter. If it’s not generating heat by itself it just keeps loosing energy until it gets near zero to balance out the energy. Electrons around every atom are constantly in contact with Perfect Fluid around them transferring their difference in energy. Perfect Fluid is literally everywhere, which is what draws energy from all matter which explains how electron levels drop in atoms. In my opinion.

  2. Shane Dyer said:

    The secret to space travel faster than light.. The gap in my brain has been filled, the gap in space can be shortened. With a strong enough gravitational feild/wave generator you can or should theoretically be able to shorten the distance between objects so much where the travel will be instantaneous, it would seem as you were traveling faster than light, but you’re technically not. I use to think instantaneous space travel would be obtained through creating a gravitational tunnel, so to speak, that you could warp through at speeds unimaginable, possibly faster than light. My theory has now been changed to the complete bending of space in this projected gravitational tunnel, where travel through space could be instantaneous, and with this theory you should actually be able to survive such ‘speeds’ 😉

  3. Rick Whitt said:

    I have a Theory you would be interested in. That “Tunnel” is a void of Perfect Fluid. This would allow faster than light travel. Light has a limit on its speed because of the Perfect Fluid of our universe. It’s everywhere and causes a tiny amount of resistance. Space is NOT a vacuum, that’s impossible! It’s a Cosmic Ocean. Stars are releasing every known element for billions of years but it’s empty out there? Their argument doesn’t hold water. I can send you what I wrote on the subject if your interested.

  4. Shane Dyer said:

    I actually read your comments and as soon as I have time, I am going to read further into this “perfect fluid” you speak of. I know most of our limitations are created by falsified thoughts. We seem to be a species that allows ignorance to hinder our prospering… Evolving we are…