Top 10 Theories of What Time Actually Is

What are your thoughts on the 4th dimension?

Spacetime and the 4th dimension are common terms for time and there are other “out there” notions.  When I say out there I do not mean irrelevant or inaccurate.  That is just being used as a catch all term for quantum physics and factors involved in things that are not always discussed.  This video is kind of different and fascinating in that one person spends about a half an hour philosophizing about what time actually is and many other areas of the universe and our place in it.  Here is a brief intro as quoted by the narrator on some of the topics she discusses:

Welcome to Cracking the Nutshell! In this video, I discuss the nature of time. Summary:

– Newtonian time (absolute time)
– Relativistic Time (Einstein) / The observer
– Time dilation (Special Relativity Theory)
– Muons / cosmic rays (half-life)
– Philosophical Theories of Time: A and B theories (John McTaggart)
– Presentism / Block Time
– “Now” moment and consciousness (awareness of change)
– Determinism and classical physics

Let’s watch the diagrams while she talks about these topics in the video on page 2

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  1. Damian Dre Thompson said:

    I always thought dreams were the 4th dimension where every eventually is happening for your life and when you dream you are scanning through like stations on a radio, that’s why feelings after a dream could stick with you because it really happened in one reality

  2. Salvatore Militello said:

    OK I have a theory that would upset many. You cannot truely travel in time! The moment you attempt to make a “time jump” you split into many possibilities like shrodinger’s cat. You enter alternative time lines in the past or the future, but stop existing in your current time line. This would solve many paradoxes like you could kill your grandparents and you would still exist.

  3. Salvatore Militello said:

    It might be impossible to ever get back to your own present time when you travel back in time. Where as when you travel into the future you are experiencing 1 of many time lines that could happen based upon current events.

  4. Noah Gonzales said:

    I think the 4th dimension is a place we can’t physically,mentally,or spiritually see. It only shows itself to is after death.

    Well, time is time. There’s nothing else to it. Just like hydrogen is hydrogen. We can’t explain every thing. Not all things need an explanation.