Top 10 Things That Science STILL Can’t Explain

Do you know all of them?

Despite all the tools and theories scientists use, there are still many unexplained mysteries.  How can that be?  This list may even make you question some of Einstein’s theories. .  How does lightspeed change speed and what does that say about E=mc2?

Also how can light be a wave and a particle at the same time?  This is shown in the famous double slit experiment and still baffles scientists.

What if the world of physics was changed forever by some of the facts in this list?  Maybe we would even advance in space travel if we solved some of the mysteries listed in this video.

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  1. Glen DeWitt Lewis said:

    The hokiest one there is “cold fusion”, which still manages, after three decades, to be able to extract money from gullible investors. Kind of like perpetual motion.