10 Reasons Aliens Have Not Been Found (Yet)

There have been many reports of UFO sightings and crop circles, as well as other phenomena.  However, we have not been in direct contact or spotted a planet where we have observed extraterrestrials.  This video examines the top 10 reasons why this may be the case.  Of course with trillions of stars in the universe, and many of them harboring planets, the odds are extremely high that alien civilizations exist.

A lot of people reference the Fermi paradox which is hotly debated within this topic.  And exoplanets like kepler 452-b make things even more likely on the for aliens side.

Let’s find out the top 10 theories why we still appear to be alone in the video on the next page

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  1. Bob Payer said:

    The aliens heard of the candidates in the Presidential 2016 elections and decided to condemn our planet.

  2. Tony Bowling said:

    I hope the government hides all of it forever..keep it a secret .. We live in a world of morons and uneducated humanity…

  3. Brian Sandy said:

    why would aliens make contact with us? simple fact. if they can make it to our solar system from another solar system, their technology would be far more advanced then ours. their technology would be sought out by every government to advance themselves. from an alien standpoint, why would they want to contact us? they can see the hate our world breeds, and the divide of a world by something as simple as skin color.. if we cant get along with each other, what would we do with another intelligent species?

  4. Patrick Leonard said:

    Reason #1: We are an ignorant and violent species that is destroying it’s own living environment in order to collect numbers on a computer screen. And we use nukes against each other. We just elected Trump for crying out loud.

  5. Tony Bowling said:

    Well$#%&!@*just go to California and NY there’s tons , look into Chicago as well . I hear they have learned to vote and follow these insane mentally I’ll people called liberals..
    Look into that!

  6. Mark Favereaux II said:

    We are aliens to this planet we are just a younger version of our species put here to further inhabit the universe or rebuild our species or whatever, how else would the ancient civilizations have built all those monumental places we had help from a much older version of our species