10 Possible Reasons We Haven’t Seen Aliens QUITE Yet

do these explain it?

This is a must watch video for anyone who is interested in extraterrestrials, the Fermi paradox, ufos and astronomy. This list of very well thought out theories is enlightening. One or more of these might be correct and the visuals provide a nice framework to conceptualize these far out explanations for the question “where are all the space aliens”. Well if they don’t find us then maybe with NASA’s breakthroughs we can go find them in the near future!

The next page has a list of interesting theories posted by viewers of the video listed out.

Let’s watch the video of these 10 theories on page 2

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  1. Eric Myers said:

    Yah we crashed here and inter bred with the indigenous population. Which explains the missing link and the fact some Neanderthal DNA can be found in certain groups of people.