8,000 Year Old Hand Prints Found to be NOT From Humans

Who made these things?

In an Egyptian cave scientists have been BAFFLED by this discovery.  This region of the planet never ceases to amaze.  From the pyramid at Giza, to the Nubian pyramids to the Sphinx, there are mysteries and incredible structures throughout the country.  Now you can add another bizarre fact to the list:

Anthropologists probing the discovery of tiny 8000-year-old hand prints in an Egyptian cave say they were not made by human hands.

Explorers stumbled across the tiny hand imprints in a Saharan cave after unearthing more than 5000 images carved into the stone in Egypt’s Southwest border with Libya 14 years ago.

Can you believe this?  Do you have any ideas on who or what made these?

And here is a pic of one of the mysterious structures in the region near the cave:


Let’s find out how these handprints got there in the video on page 2

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  1. Dalton Mullis said:

    Lizard hand prints. They used lizard handprints as a form of communication. The people who wrote the article don’t know why they would use the lizards of all creature.
    There you have it. I probably just saved you 10 minutes and 3 computer viruses.

  2. Thomas B Talioferro said:

    Remain Calm. They think they’re Reptile “hands”. As in..ACTUAL reptiles. Not Reptilians from Beta Reticuli or whatever the fugg you people think. There. Saved you a click

  3. Duane Ball said:

    This kind of crap really hurts your credibility… That video is a joke and the narrator sounds like a moron with the inability to formulate a cohesive thought