Can Anything Go Faster Than the Speed of Light?

Of course with any great scientific debate the comments can be very spirited, often with interesting commentary.

Commenter RF says:

We’re only at the tip of the iceberg of scientific endeavour. Try explaining to an average man 1000 years ago how a modern fighter jet works, how every little piece works together, who created it and how every piece is manufactured,  the scientific theory behind all these components and the whole manufacturing process. Now how can anybody sit here and sum up ‘We’ll never go faster than the speed of light, it’s 2015 & we know everything’…

I would have to agree with putting things into chronological perspective in regards to this debate.  There were a lot of commenters who suggested it is irrational and even stupid to think anything could travel faster than light.

What do you think?  Feel free to post any interesting commentary and we hope you like the video.


  1. Brian Tinsley said:

    Time has nothing to do with it only actual velocity and perspective, it’s all general relativity. When the universe was younger and more dense light had to travel at a faster speed, there for it is possible, your perception of time is inaccurate . ….

  2. Jeff Knott said:

    Thought doesn’t reach any where near the speed of light – not even the speed of sound! Research it, the findings may surprise you!

  3. Ismail Imam said:

    Quark have not been directly observed .but theoretical predictions based on their existence have been confirmed experimentally .

  4. James Lorenzetti said:

    Dan Vincenty what does a photon particle look like? Better yet, how about an electron particle?
    Modern science is atomistic and thus- incorrect. Your [opinion] is the result of theoretical mathematical equations that have been substituted for experimentation.
    ..perhaps everything you “know” is incorrect.

  5. Donny Harris said:

    science is based completely on humans limited perception and that’s why it is full of theories and is always changing. It is way more limited than any scientist would care to admit.

  6. Jeff Downs said:

    The answer is yes and no. When humanity learns the physical laws of man do not apply to the rest of the universe then just maybe we can take the next step. There are multiple theories #1 the wormhole, if you can simply cut a hole through the fabric of space and time. Technically you would get there just a bit faster.Cannot be proven false if backhoes actually exist#2 I call it the star trek theory. It would require a reactor with an ability to grab another place in the universe and simply pull you there. in theory your not moving through the universe, the universe is simply moving around you.

  7. Robert Priest said:

    … and perhaps somewhere in another dimension tied to our universe there is a being made of some strange form of matter asking, “I wonder if anything can go slower than the speed of light?”

  8. Frank Castle said:

    A warp field can theoretically move an object faster than the speed of light, claims Miguel Alcubierre, a theoretical physicist.

  9. Matthew Corley said:

    What if light went through a black hole ? Trust me I’m not a scholar nor do I claim to be but in an atmosphere with with no drag it seems to me that it would only make light faster I’m probably about to be pummeled with math problems I don’t understand but that’s my thoughts

  10. Jeff Conners said:

    Nassiem harreim created a scaling law log that states that everything is a black hole with that being said we have to move at the speed of light and I believe we moved faster than the speed of light and create entropy to create keep reality and existence if we did not travel at faster than the speed of light their existence would not exist