Can Anything Go Faster Than the Speed of Light?

any opinion?

This is a really interesting scientific debate that examines the speed of light and possibilities of traveling faster.  There have been some far out explanations about black holes that can warp light and the like but perhaps is that faster or slower than light itself?  And recently there have been discussions about “tachyons” or some kind of mysterious cosmic particle that indeed does travel faster.


The ever adventurous scientific video maker “Vsauce” asks this very question.  His explanations and examples may surprise you.

Do you think he is too far out there or does he pose some strong examples to ponder over?

Let’s find out what the narrator thinks could go faster in the video on page 2

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  1. Rodrigo Peres Triana said:

    The real limits of our Universe are Black Holes and Above-Light Speed. No-Time is present inside black holes as well as at anything above light speed. Our Universe begins outside the limits of black holes and reach toward the outer limits of the maximum expanding light. Time exists between these two ends. Anything faster than light is a No-Time, where the dialectical interaction of Space and Energy do not exist (NON-UNIVERSE), the same ocurre inside a black hole where No-Time exist because energy and space reach their maximum binding, where energy stop vibrating and space disappear. ENERGY LOVES SPACE TO CREATE OUR UNIVERSE, when they do not interact, time stops and our Universe disappear. Time is relative to these interactions…

  2. Rich Mccleave said:

    Yes. Barry Allen the flash has topped his speed at trans-time velocity. He traveled from the edge of the universe to earth in this time at the speed of 23,759,449,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x c. Tht much faster then the speed of light.

  3. Kevin Mills said:

    Technically it would be the speed of light, since darkness is the absence of light. As fast as the light goes away, the dark takes its place. Lol

  4. Dusty Smith said:

    Yes gravity can, if nothing can better best a black hole not evan light can keep up the pace to outrun it. I wish someone out there would hear me on it or it lest acknowledge it.

  5. David Hubbard said:

    I’m sure there are forces faster than light. Problem is…we cannot detect them because we see with light in the visable spectrum.
    If something were to travel faster than light…we would not see it

  6. Dusty Smith said:

    What if was possibility that like the new train in china, the tech they use, like the rails use magnetic waves as a gide to tavel through it you just need a program and a good antimatter engine to fule you electrictronic gidence system, (if eanthing could contain such energy like a magnetic field could possibly.) tune your wave to your corresponding path and ride that magnetic wave.

  7. Rick LaPier said:

    Richard Shelton Jr. true, but iit’s the HOUSE that has to alot the money. The President can’t . So they were part of it

  8. Joseph Jacobs said:

    If it goes faster than the speed of light then it can’t be detectable because it would most likely exist outside of time.. because time stops at the speed of light I’ve heard.. which is weird because how can we reach places that are light years away if we don’t travel the speed of light.. idk.. It’s hard to grasp the concept of timespace as one thing.. bet every time you move through space you move through time and vice versa..

  9. Dusty Smith said:

    Gravity is also what pushes the light outward, without gravity pushing and fussing hydrogen and helium atoms together light could not travel outwards. Example like a solar flares.

  10. Dusty Smith said:

    I would like to share my thoughts with nasa but I dont think they would possible not here me the guy that came up with the idea of the em drve in the 1980 somewhere is on the right now just needs time to develop.

  11. Joseph Jacobs said:

    There is no time.. you’re comparing time and light.. of coarse light is always moving.. but so fast that it’s not moving.. only when you slow it down is it moving.. but time is the measurement of objects in motion that’s all.. therefore light has more curious properties.. especially when you consider were all made of light. Down at a subatomic level particles can be in two places at onve.. scientists have even sent a beam of light back in time..