Cool Experiments articles

Finally..The World’s Roundest Object..

Ladies and gentlemen here it is..the world’s roundest object!  And this is important why? Because it’s cool.  And btw the materials used to make this cost over $1,000,000 dollars.  This is a 1 kilogram sphere of silicon 28 atoms. there are 1.25 x 10 to the 25th power of them.  Now that it has been

Guy Makes a Light Bulb from Pencil Lead..Very Neat

This home scientist shows how to make a light bulb from pencil lead.  Safety is the number one priority as stated by “Crazy Russian Hacker” the gentleman in the video.  Anyways, this is just fun.  Why do light bulb companies get to make so much money I mean the filament always burns out right?  What

How To Make An LED Illusion Mirror..This Is Rad.

Do you like looking at cool things with light?  This home inventor makes a rad LED illusion mirror with some basic supplies.  Normally if you went into a furniture or lighting store, something like this could cost hundreds of dollars.  With a bit of cleverness and some supplies from home or the hardware store you

Guy Does a Cool Science Experiment with Coke Cans

What happens may surprise you.. Who doesn’t love experiments with Coke cans?  This guy does a fun home electric experiment that is super easy to setup.  What is so cool is that he harnesses electricity from a device that is turned off.  So how is he able to generate movement between these soda cans? It

How Spinning an Egg Turns It Inside Out

This is just a cool home experiment.  The guy in this video spins an egg and in essence turns it inside out.  Yellow on the outside and white on the inside.  Totally bizarre and not sure how he thought of this but its cool.  He start by taping the egg and goes through some other