Could Headlights Actually Work at the Speed of Light?

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AT 186,000 miles per second things can get strange. The ever adventurous YouTuber who is known as “VSauce” often asks some unusual questions and then engages in a scientific fact finding mission. In this case he wants to know would your car headlights work if the car was traveling at the same speed of the lights themselves?

What do you think would they work or totally have a bizarre effect?

The exact speed of light is:

299 792 458 m/s (in the metric system)

Just a note this refers to light traveling in a vacuum although there probably wouldn’t be a huge difference in a regular atmosphere.

Let’s find out what the answer might be in the video on page 2

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  1. Brian Sandy said:

    at that speed, a ship would be destroyed by hitting space rock the size of a pea. better figure that problem out before going that fast…

  2. William Walker said:

    Why am I always forced to disagree with something.
    Exactly why wouldn’t an object or person traveling, at say, twice the speed of light be exactly two seconds older when it got two light seconds away.
    Perspective and ability to observe something changes drastically based on the distance between moving and stationary objects.