Could “Quantum Teleportation” Work?

is this too far out there?

In this video they discuss a way out there concept.  Shows like Star Trek and others in science fiction have portrayed futuristic devices that cam teleport you.  They are trying to relate it to quantum physics in this case which may or may not even be relevant.  Tying notional ideas all over the place without a particular rhyme or reason can be far fetched.  What do you think?

It basically depends which side you are on.  Your view of science, the universe that we perceive and the unexplainable will effect whether you think this is bogus or not.

Let’s find out more about this bizarre concept in the video on page 2

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  1. Steve Davies said:

    I always wonder…if teleportation could work, would you still be you? Would the actual YOU cease to exist and what comes out on the other side is just a copy of you, who would not even know that they are NOT you??? f**k

  2. Cecil Cross said:

    Star Trek type molecular teleportation which requires a system to deconstruct and reconstruct something from an atomic scale may be possible for non-living matter (we already do this with 3D printers on a higher scale)…but living organisms…I don’t think so. The system would have to capture the electrical activity of every neuron, every cell, etc…
    But something like a stargate wormhole would be a whole other matter…Windows through subspace.

  3. Jimmy DiFrancesco said:

    With matter, as we conceptualize it, it seems one has to be destroyed to be remade on the other end of this process. So you would be killed and a separate you would be created. BUT…that is with matter. The brain is matter, but the mind is energy; electricity. If this can be done, I think it’s likely that it would be our Consciousness that could make the trip but not our bodies. So you would need a biological avatar created and waiting at the receiving end.

  4. Jimmy DiFrancesco said:

    Keep sreading that truth bro. Really, with how irrationally skeptical some are, you’d think they believe that the future itself is a hoax. They don’t seem to understand this logical fact.