Ever Seen a “Bloch Wall Resonator” Before?

is this INSANELY COOL or what?

This homemade device runs on neodymium magnets in an awesome configuration.  Many home experimenters have followed in the steps of Nikola Tesla’s work int he quest for an efficient energy device.  A lot of these have copper wires and neodymium magnets as components.  There are a lot of cool variations and here is how this experimenter describes this one:

Mounted a couple of neodymium disk magnets on a vertical shaft, in opposition south-to-south to have a floating bearing setup. The bearings at top/bottom serve to align the shaft, but do not have to bear a load. To spin the shaft I’ve put a 1 inch diameter neo-cylinder magnet and drive coil at the top. It runs quietly at about 6000 RPM. The coil needs to be tilted and the Hall sensor adjusted for best performance, RPMs and torque.

For a non engineer it is a bit technical but cool none the less for everyone to enjoy.  Ok do you want to see him start this up?

Let’s watch this strange and cool device start up in the video on page 2

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  1. Seth Forbis said:

    real shocking stuff here, this was invented what… 150 years ago???? yeah thats cutting edge crap right there, better post it every 3 weeks forever as if it were breaking news…