Is There an “Invisible Reality” we Can’t See? – UPDATE

is this crazy or actually possible…

Are there 4 dimensions or are there way more factors to this world?  Many people view the visible universe as a fixed “amount” of space stuff.  Meaning they perceive it as length, width, depth and time.  However, the double slit experiment was maybe the most popular experiment to change that notion.  That is the one where a photon of light changed paths when someone watched it.  And apparently it is repeatable.  This is where quantum physics comes into play:

Proposed a century ago to better explain the mind-bending behavior of the smallest constituents of the universe, quantum theory has implications far beyond the atom. This rich set of laws has applications both practical and extraordinary — from the technology that has revolutionized modern life to the possibility of parallel worlds.

And on page 2 there is an updated video about other universes related to this.

Let’s find out more about this possible reality in the video on page 2

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  1. Brandon Wideman said:

    Yes when we die we continue to live . well our souls continue to live in the second life thats basically still on earth. We were put here for a reason we arent leaving anytime soon.

  2. Glen Atkinson said:

    Dimensions as we call it. Alternative reality exists in dimensions that we can’t see.

    We human beings are locked to the 4th Dimension. However having said that we are locked to the fourth dimension, does not mean that we don’t have the Key to unlock it.

    Matter is subjected to the fourth dimension. All that we see and touch are matter. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed as we know it. And that has much more reasons why, which I wouldn’t discuss at the moment.

    Life as we know it, is a subject of matter. All that we are and know has been defined by the laws of this reality. In this realm we may exist as matter.

    And because matter cannot be created nor destroyed, we are not dead but cease to exist in the fourth dimension as part of matter.

    All biologically engineered matter have been programmed and equipped with the ability to teleport to another dimension.

    The soul if I may call it, has the ability to teleport into other dimensions even during the coexistence of a physical body.

    With enlightenment one can unlock this ability. Many have been through this experience even involuntarily. Some have mastered the ability. Some make up stories.

    There’s lot to discuss about these topics. And much more, like the origin of mankind and creation etc…

    If anyone has interest in the “Knowledge” can inbox me.

  3. Clark Mann said:

    I’d put my picture of this here but no option. It’s doesn’t exist as physical it’s an interaction with self that causes the opposing pole effect and 2 +,-,+- effects. Making here -(+,+-) or 3d and -(+) or 2d. Creating a Left -,-+,+ and Right -,+-,+ with the original 3 and the 2 interactive directions creating a 11d intercative model with only 3 visible particles. The whole sequence is online but registered as total # of trees from 1-2 trees. 1,2,3,5,11,41,371,13901,……….

  4. Haralampos Liakos said:

    I’ve been thinking about that for a long time now.
    Each living think has the capability to see and understand whatever surrounds it in a different way and level.
    Just a thought i have.

  5. Jack Farley said:

    Of course there is.
    Occasionally we are capable of garnering a small glimpse of what dwells behind the firmament.
    Reality is simply an illusion.

  6. Clark Mann said:

    It’s a sequence of choice streams coexisting on different spaces. 1 can chart the interactions and all outcomes of the opposing polar effect creating a 11 dimensional model where the interactions are shared on 1 moving interaction moment.