Is This Underwater Pyramid For Real? It Was Found on an Old Video…

what is this “thing”?

This video showed up on an old tv show and some are reexamining it.  There have been tales of the lost city of Atlantis and other tales of sunken mysteries.  There is even the one off the coast of Japan that literally looks like an underwater Terracotta army.  That artifact(s) is one of the largest in the world and is in China.  So what is the hoopla all about with this particular one?

Here are claims of a mysterious oceanic pyramid.  We don’t have an opinion and it is definitely “out there”.  However it is interesting and will let you decide:

This story originated from claims by Dr Ray Brown that aired on The history channel. There are simply not enough facts to say whether or not these new findings are true but nonetheless it is interesting and has some interesting elements to it. It is important to note that because something is not in mainstream media it does not mean it is fake, however this on simply doesn’t have much else to go along with it so we cannot say YES or NO about this one. Read at your own discretion.

Let’s check out what or who could have built this in the video on page 2

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  1. Christina Lyons said:

    A Crystal pyramid found in the Bermuda Triangle that article used this pic as well and can’t be confirmed but could be the same video I watched lol

  2. Johnathan Humbers said:

    This is cool. Pyramids are made all across the world. What are the purpose of a pyramid. No one really knows. I mean people speculate but no one really knows. There is know telling what they could be used for. I’m fascinated of pyramids. Why I don’t know. Guess because they are hard to build and the ancients did it and we can’t do it today.