Can “Liquid Metal” Actually Solve This Maze?

what is your guess?

Physics can surprise us in ways we have never even thought of.  Who likes puzzles and mazes?  Although extremely cool the purpose of this experiment was to prove a hypothesis based on some very neat physics.

Despite the seemingly simple setup of the maze the properties of physics they are testing are kind of complex.  However you can still enjoy even if not a professor or scientist for a living.

In their paper these researchers wanted to test this specifically:

They are testing a new method to remove liquid metal from microfluidic channels utilizing voltage.

You don’t even have to know a lot about physics to enjoy this one!

Let’s see if the liquid metal wins in the video on page 2

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  1. Scott Riffle said:

    I don’t know the properties of liquid metal but water could by eventually filling up the whole thing and flowing through. What’s liquid metal?

  2. Benjamin Stubblefield said:

    Liquid tends to flow, and fill spaces. By tilting the board the liquid would seek to go downward, until it reaches level. In a full sized maze of caves, people follow water, when lost.