Top 5 Most Unusual Animal Mysteries of All Time

Have you heard of these AMAZING prehistoric animals?

From bigfoot to the lochness monster, reports of “strange sightings” have happened for 100s of years.  That being said, there are some animal mysteries that do have a fair amount of scientific evidence supporting them.  This video lists 5 of the most bizarre and unusual ever.  Here is an intro about the #5 mystery that made the list:


5) The Bloop

In 1997, multiple underwater microphones known as hydrophones picked up an extremely loud sound across a range of over 3000 miles. The sound was given the name “The Bloop.” The audio profile of the sound does resemble that of a living creature, except for the fact that it was many times louder than that of the loudest known creature, the blue whale….leaving the possibility open that a creature could exist much larger or at the very least louder than the blue whale. Others hypothesize that the sound was actually caused by a large icequake in Antartica…but the true source remains unknown.

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