What Happens When a Neodymium Magnet Reaches Terminal Velocity?

any guesses?

This home experimenter displays the awesome power of neodymium magnets.  These are the super powerful magnets that are being used more often.  They have only been around for a few decades.  There are also a lot of home videos floating around YouTube of cool efficient energy inventions that people have uploaded.  Here is what is being displayed in this cool experiment:

4 Hexagon layers of Neodymium magnets reaching Terminal Velocity with the help of some compressed air. Hanging from a string of Neodymium magnets.  The magnets reach such a high speed the magnetic force can no longer repel the centrifugal forces supplied by the compressed air.  We have tried several different formations and it would seem mass does have an effect on how high of an RPM you can reach before they give out.

Have you seen any of these efficient energy devices using the neodymium magnets?

Can you figure out what might happen in this video?

Let’s see what happens with these super powerful magnets in the video on page 2

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