What is This Latest NASA Hoopla All About?

a UFO??  is this bogus?

Have you heard this is making a buzz and has been covered by some large sites and news sources.  Now there are rumors about another UFO sighting.  One that some are saying was abruptly cut off.  Does that sound like total bogus or is there something to that?

Apparently there was a recent video from NASA showing something according to those people.

What do you think?  Could there be something or not?

Let’s check out this strange video and see if you can spot on page 2

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  1. Kurt Henry said:

    As usual a perfectly focused pic of an alien ship… not even a little bit blurry!! How can you not see it? I mean the pixels are are in perfect focus too!! It’s right there!

  2. Cody Schumacher said:

    My problem with most of these videos is how unclear and out of focus everything in them is….
    Seen pictures from the hubble. I can get dam clear close up photos of the moon at night with my phone, then these videos. NASA don’t have better cameras up there now?