What is This Latest NASA Hoopla All About?

Ok so many of us have heard about the “arecibo message” from 1974 where there was a weird recording that has not been replicated since then coming from space.  This one however may be up there with the all time weirdest space mysteries.  Here is what they had to say about it on one video:

They got sharper edge and are more dense (although less visible many times because of the distance).

Can appear from nowhere even though no zooming.

Faraway objects, they cover a large distance in a short time even when zoomed out (indication of high speed) and some almost leave a trail behind, while the close debris passes camera view only by floating and no trail.

You’ll see observers already at 1:51 in center and to the right.

This is a bit more on the actual details of the mission from when it happened and some other stat info.  It is cited from wikipedia:

The TSS-1R mission was a reflight of TSS-1 which was flown onboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-46 in July/August 1992. The Tether Satellite System circled the Earth at an altitude of 296 kilometers, placing the tether system within the rarefied electrically charged layer of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere.

STS-75 mission scientists hoped to deploy the tether to a distance of 20.7 kilometers (12.9 mi). Over 19 kilometers of the tether were deployed before the tether broke. It remained in orbit for a number of weeks and was easily visible from the ground, appearing something like a small but surprisingly bright fluorescent light traveling through the sky.

TSS-1R tether composition [NASA].

What do you think and feel free to comment with your ideas on this video!  And check back as we may post footage with different types of analysis in regards to this mysterious happening.

thanks to usatoday.com for the info


  1. Kurt Henry said:

    As usual a perfectly focused pic of an alien ship… not even a little bit blurry!! How can you not see it? I mean the pixels are are in perfect focus too!! It’s right there!

  2. Cody Schumacher said:

    My problem with most of these videos is how unclear and out of focus everything in them is….
    Seen pictures from the hubble. I can get dam clear close up photos of the moon at night with my phone, then these videos. NASA don’t have better cameras up there now?