What is This Latest NASA Hoopla All About?

Here is what usa today had to say about this phenomenon:

Is NASA trying to cover up a UFO sighting?

Space conspiracy theorists are accusing NASA of cutting a live stream from the International Space Station just as an unidentified object comes into view.

Theories began swirling on YouTube earlier this week after YouTube user Streepcap1 posted a video of the stream on July 9.

In the clip, a bright object is seen slowly falling into view, before the screen flashes that the there are technical problems with the feed. While Streepcap1 notes that the object may not be alien life, the user points out that the feed stopping is strange

Ok here is the video feel free to watch and comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Kurt Henry said:

    As usual a perfectly focused pic of an alien ship… not even a little bit blurry!! How can you not see it? I mean the pixels are are in perfect focus too!! It’s right there!

  2. Cody Schumacher said:

    My problem with most of these videos is how unclear and out of focus everything in them is….
    Seen pictures from the hubble. I can get dam clear close up photos of the moon at night with my phone, then these videos. NASA don’t have better cameras up there now?