Who Built The Ancient Ollantaytambo In Peru?

The comments on this video thread are spirited and pose some interesting points:

Commenter David M had this so say about this mysterious structure:

I agree, best use of a quadcopter I’ve seen yet.  I cannot imagine hiking this site and coming away with half as accurate a sense of it’s scale and perspective as I have now having been presented it with this articulated bird’s eye view.

Commenter Paul M also poses an interesting question in regards to prior Incan theories

Brien, Just an observation… I’m an Eng with 40 years of work behind me and was looking at the Terraces and this has been bothering me for years… The claim by archaeologists is that they were for crops, to make use of the hillsides to maximize yield….  But when you look at the amount of work versus the amount of flat area for growing it seems implausible that you would put such effort for so little return in the form of crops…  With the displayed abilities you would think the vast flat valleys would hold crop land and hillside used for housing and general purpose over the long run…  The questions I would ask is there any evidence that the Terraces were ever cultivated?

Maybe one day the Incan history will no longer be a mystery and we hope you like the video!


  1. Sean Breheny said:

    ….the couldn’t have done it with the toolsat that time….
    Moron! They DID it, just because we can’t figure it out, and we think we are so damn smart, doesn’t mean anything!

  2. Jason Good said:

    They cut and moved 3000-4000 ton granite rocks up a mountain and stacked them 40 meters high and our best crane tops out at 1200 ton

  3. Alek Pinke said:

    Actually we do know how they did it. Its the same way the pyramids, Stonehenge and so on were done.

    See if you an lift an eraser eight inches off a table with just match sticks rocking the eraser back and forth. If a guy can build a replica of both of them by himself this way I’m sure it wasnt that hard for the people who in mass built the originals.

    I’m so sick of the ancient alien retards.

  4. Sean Breheny said:

    Just hate it when modern era scientists say, some ancient civilization COULDN’T when they are staring the evidence in the face of would the civilization DID do.

  5. Jason Good said:

    Research core 7…better than what our machines can do today buddy. So without machines, how is it possible that they could core into granite with better precision than what people can do today with computers and machines. Doesnt make sense which is why that core sample is in a museum. And we dont know how the pyramids were built. Not the pyramid of giza anyway

  6. Jason Good said:

    And how do u you move 3-4 thousand ton granite rocks and dont tell me by a pulley system cuz thats exactly what a crane is and our best crane built out of steel can only lift 1/3 of that weight.