Is There an Alien Planet Just 4.24 Light Years Away?

this could be crazy… Astronomers have spotted a potentially habitable planet orbiting our closest star.  There have been some discussions about various exoplanets lately that have made a buzz with astronomers and space fans alike.  And now they have spotted an exoplanet that may be the closest ever detected.  And they did not use the


Researchers Capture a Mythical Enormous Squid on Camera

science fiction is now science reality? Apparently a “mythical” creature has been discovered by these Russian researchers.  You hay or may not have heard stories about a giant squid.  Many cultures and plenty of American novels and sailors have spread stories about such a thing.  Now one has been caught on video and it is


Did They Find a New “Planetary System” In Our Own Galaxy?

no way Just when astronomers think they know about our own solar system they find another mystery.  If you have heard of brown dwarf stars or not, they pretty much straddle the line between stars and, at least in the way we are able to understand them.  And depending on who you ask, it is kind



This Student Gave a “Clever” Answer That Will Have You Laughing

how can the teacher NOT give him an A+? There are many different ways of learning and scientists are proving this daily. A few weeks ago there was quite a buzz about a certain test answer: A child who was marked incorrect for saying “5+5+5=15” on a math test. Well, no one’s arguing with this