BANNED: When is NASA Going to Reveal What is Known About Alien Life?

A veil of secrecy has covered the topic of extraterrestrial life for some time now.  So much so, that the result of one ‘open Q&A’ on the topic resulted in one group “Collective Evolution” being suspended for life. Good riddance? Or Good Grief? The question to most researchers into the topic of alien life isn’t if but when.

Robot Arrested at political rally

Is this even real? We live in a time were we have made great achievements in the field of robotics. We use them for everything from manufacturing to vacuuming floors. Now we have a robot which is being considered something of a troublemaker and was arrested at a political rally in Russia, and this is not


This Student Gave a “Clever” Answer That Will Have You Laughing

how can the teacher NOT give him an A+? There are many different ways of learning and scientists are proving this daily. A few weeks ago there was quite a buzz about a certain test answer: A child who was marked incorrect for saying “5+5+5=15” on a math test. Well, no one’s arguing with this