New Hack Proof Communications?

That’s right! Hack proof communication, one of the new things thanks to Quantum-Entanglement! A Chinese satellite has been used to split pairs of entangled photons and transmit them to separate ground stations about 745 miles apart (1200 kilometers). Completely obliterating the previous record for quantum communications. To know what quantum communications is you have to

Eighth Wonder found?

So, I assume you know about the seven wonders of the world, right? Well, what if I told you there were 8? That’s right, there are 8 wonders of the world! Or rather, there might be. In 1186 there was an eruption in New Zealand, the eruption of Mount Tarawera. When Tarawera erupted it supposedly covered

Most Extreme Planets Ever Discovered

There are millions of planets in space, but there are a few that really stand out. Today we will be going over 7 of the most extreme planets ever. 1. The most recent of these planets is the hottest planet so far! This planet has a surface temperature greater than some stars! Can you believe


This Student Gave a “Clever” Answer That Will Have You Laughing

how can the teacher NOT give him an A+? There are many different ways of learning and scientists are proving this daily. A few weeks ago there was quite a buzz about a certain test answer: A child who was marked incorrect for saying “5+5+5=15” on a math test. Well, no one’s arguing with this